Brand To Know : The UPSIDE Man

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Cherished Training

Activewear for the time savvy


Hailing from Australia, The UPSIDE was created with an ethos focused on catering to sophisticated individuals with demanding schedules. Founder, Jodhi Meares, wanted to fill a void in the fashion market for men and women alike; She created a bold brand that valued making a healthy lifestyle a priority while fulfilling a busy life. The UPSIDE gained popularity through Australia through its use of bold prints and sleek, sophisticated style. In 2016, amidst popularity, The UPSIDE launched its menswear label, The UPSIDE Man, which become a global phenomenon in the activewear society.

The UPSIDE supports charitable causes while creating their signature clean-cut style. Notably, the brand is associated with The Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT), which aims to help children and their families escape the cycle of poverty through resources that help prevent situations where children would be taken away or sent to an orphanage due to financial hardships. CCT provides working opportunities and skill training for families, as well as counseling and medical support. Through donations from the proceeds of each order, The UPSIDE is making strides towards helping Cambodian children and families learn relevant skills for economic prosperity.

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