Brand To Know : Irma Lingerie

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Cozy and Sexy For All


From Moscow, Russia, Irma Lingerie aims to break the constrictive barriers of Russian Lingerie. While the current dynamic in Russia includes uncomfortable, wired lingerie that only sells in a select few sizes, Irma Lingerie is designing cozy underwear for all sizes. A little controversial, Irma Lingerie uses local strippers in various sizes rather than typical models to show off the brand. In Russia, the stereotype of a Russian woman is to be very skinny with little fat on her body; Russia is seen as slow as far as joining the body positivity movement promoted in western cultures. The founders of Irma Lingerie know that all women in the world come in different sizes and Russian women deserve a shop where they can find comfort and sexiness. All pieces by Irma Lingerie are made-to-order.

See some looks from Irma Lingerie below!