Gypsy Sport S/S '19 Collection

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Gypsy Sport is a collection from New York Fashion Week that has not been talked about as much as it should have. Designer, Rio Uribe, addressed many issues pressing the fashion industry recently such as, diversity and pollution. The show was centered around an ode to Mother Nature, with models sporting palm leaves in their hair and cowrie shells on their wrists. The fashion industry is a big contributor to pollution in the environment, but Uribe wants to be one of the few to not be a part of that fact. The latest Gypsy Sport collection is 99% made from sustainable or repurposed materials. Uribe emphasizes his collection’s purpose, stating, “I don’t want to make clothes that will end up in the trash. More and more as a designer, I’m thinking less about commerciality and coolness and more about authenticity”.

While this seems to become the cliche phrase of most designers, it seems sincere from Uribe, who tries to spread respect for all through Gypsy Sport. Diversity has been a hot-topic for the fashion industry as of late, with calls for more sizes and races representing real people on the runway, and not just the glossed up women society throws at us in pages of air-brushed magazines like Vogue. Uribe rejects the idea that models on the runway have to be a certain size, race, gender to represent high-fashion. Essentially, Uribe wants everyone to be invited to his Gypsy Sport party.

But, despite Uribe’s triumphs in fighting some fucked up issues in the industry, he knows that “clothes can’t heal the world, but they can be a powerful tool for empowerment and self-expression”, and Uribe understands that sentiment more than most designers do.

View some of Gypsy Sport’s S/S ‘19 collection from New York Fashion Week below!