About that Iconic Marc Jacobs Collection from 1993


The Era That is Still Relevant

Marc Jacobs Redux Grunge 1993/2018


25 years ago, Marc Jacobs made fashion history when he let his grunge collection walk down the runway of Perry Ellis. Jacobs got fired for the off-the-wall collection, but it helped solidify him and his brand in the industry as one of the most outspoken and creatively free voices in fashion. 2018 and Marc Jacobs brought the collection, Redux Grunge, back perfect timing for the current climate in entertainment, art, and politics.

In 1993, the grunge collection was inspired by the current music scene being led by bands such as, Nirvana that invoked young people to be who they are and fight against the bullshit in the world. Grunge is all about authenticity, freedom of expression, acceptance, and tolerance; these pieces were needed in the nineties and still needed in the current political climate. Jacobs’ Grunge collection wasn’t just about making dressing-down cool or teaching us how to wear Dr. Martens with slip dresses, his collection asked the people “What are you fighting for?”. It was about the spirit of fighting for what all people deserved despite race, geography, or gender. Marc Jacobs infamous collection was about celebrating the everyday and the extraordinary.

Like OVRL, Marc Jacobs believed and still upholds that mantra that fashion is for all.