Coyote Ugly Saloon Giving Women Power 25 Years Later

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Walk into Coyote Ugly at 11 P.M. on a Friday night in New York City, and you're sure to see the greatest show ever performed at a dive bar. With bras hanging from the ceiling, Jack Daniels spilt on the floor, and Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me", Coyote Ugly successfully turns Wall Street clad lower NYC into a white trash party. Part of Coyote Ugly's fame, or infamy, comes from the scantily dressed women that'll serve you whiskey and beer and dance on the bar. One minute you're throwing a shot of jack back, next you have a petite blonde in ripped fishnets and cowboy boots one step away from pole dancing around your drink. While this may sound like a typical "women being paid by men to be strippers" type of environment, it's actually quite the opposite.

The coyotes, as they're called, do it all; they bartend, dance, and work their asses off to get and keep patrons inside the saloon. The bar was founded by Liliana Lovell in 1993 based off the values of a street tough woman who could also be sexy. Lovell is the type to climb on top of the bar and yell, "do we drink goddamn fruity drinks at this bar?!" when someone tries to order a martini, followed by laughter from the rest of the bar. The women that work at Coyote Ugly aren't just there to please the men, they're also placed to bring women into the bar as well. They encourage women to be their own boss, let loose, have fun, and don't be afraid to tell someone to "f&@# off" when needed. You won't hear a "here's your drink, sir" from these bartenders, instead, you'll see a girl in a push-up bra, daisy dukes, and tattooed all over emphasize her dominance and say to the patron "buy me a shot", in which a guy will reach in his pocket, pull out $5, and she'll take it and drink, then proceed to get him to spend more money on alcohol, where a coyote will then hold your head back and pour tequila down your throat. Coyote Ugly has mastered the art of selling sex while keeping the women's power alive. They will let a man do body shots off them, but they're going to charge $20 to do so. Coyotes will charge you for every drop of alcohol reminding men that they'll get to have fun, but only when the woman says so. 


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Coyote Ugly reminds women of their power to be dominant and not care about what people think. Coyotes will encourage women to climb on top of the bar with them and dance and just have fun. Because of this type of encouragement, women flock to the bar to be a part of the action for the night. As Lovell has created, Coyote Ugly is designed to make people fall in love with the coyotes while also fearing them; a notion Coyote Ugly aims to teach women all over.