Nike And Their Claim For The Athluxury Throne

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Kings Never Die


Nike unveiled a first look at their luxury sportswear collection, Nike City Ready. Nike is betting on the trend between fusion of fashion and daily life, and creating their own high-end streetwear/performance collection. In the brand's 47 years of existence, Nike has grown to be regarded as one of the most trustworthy athletic wear brands; With fans of the brand being the likes of Lebron James and Serena Williams, it's hard to argue that the swoosh on your clothes doesn't signify quality. Nike is finally taking advantage of athleisure transforming into a fashion statement; Nike City Ready is a collection that is made for the millennial urban woman, a woman that can wear an outfit to the gym and to the club. 

According to Nike Women's senior creative director, Maria Vu, the collection "is grounded in Nike's most pinnacle performance innovation, but the design challenge - and the fun! - was reimagining Nike's innovations through a fashion lens". The design challenge being preserving Nike's performance quality and creating fashionable details that wouldn't compromise one or the other. Vu is calling City Ready "a collection without compromise", meaning you can wear that black bodysuit or zippered leggings to your next boxing session, and then go out for lunch in the same look. 

Nike has chosen U.S. Open Champion, Sloane Stephens, as the face of Nike City Ready. Nike's choice of model provides reassurance in the collection's athletic functioning, a quality the brand prides itself on. Nike City Ready will boost Nike's popularity not just in activewear, but also in ready to wear. Based off the brand's strong reputation in the quality and style of their products, other brands that have been in the athluxury game for some time now should be afraid of Nike taking the top spot in the trend market. 

Nike City Ready will be released September 6th in Europe and on September 14th in the U.S.