Brand To Know : CHNGE

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People With Power


Here is CHNGE, a brand dedicated to sustainability and giving people the power to make a positive impact in the world. Rooted in the idea of there being “no economy on a dead planet”, CHNGE’s drive for sustainability begins with trying to protect Earth from harmful pollution; CHNGE does this by only using materials such as organic cotton in order to produce their clothing. CHNGE believes in putting the planet first before maximizing profits, and in doing so, CHNGE donates 50% of proceeds from purchases to carefully selected organizations. A major focus for CHNGE is providing clean water to as much people as possible in the world. CHNGE says that “it’s up to all of us as human beings to support businesses that give a shit” and we couldn’t agree more. We stand by CHNGE, their fashion, philanthropy, and mission.

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