Hot Topic Releases a Polly Pocket Themed Collection!


Hot Topic, who always comes through with the nostalgic makeup collaborations of our dreams (remember the Clueless and The Nightmare Before Christmas drops?), released a new collection that our five-year-old selves would have swooned over—and, let’s be real, our current selves are still swooning over. The retailer has partnered with Mattel to release an exclusive Polly Pocket collection in celebration of Polly’s 30th anniversary.

Priced between $2 and $40, the 17-piece collection ranges from bags and wallets to eyeshadow and lip palettes to tank tops and hats. While all of the products are inspired by the tiny doll, the makeup palettes are even designed to resemble the pocket-sized dollhouse cases.

The eyeshadow palette, according to a press release, is made up of 10 matte and shimmery shades with names like “Made in the 90s,” “Polyville,” and “It’s a Small World” “as a nod to the brand’s heritage.”

The collection officially released today in all Hot Topic stores and online. You can shop our favorite picks below for inspiration!