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Farm-To-Table, But For Your Clothes

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Designed in Toronto, Canada and made in the Nile Delta, Egypt, Kotn was created based from a desire for high quality essentials that weren't expensive. In 2014, founders Ben, Rami, and Mackenzie decided to try and fix this problem in the apparel market. Kotn's focused quality fibre for their products is authentic Egyptian cotton, grown only in the Nile Delta, Egypt. Egyptian cotton is the most comfortable cotton in the world allowing for breathable clothing to be made. However, since 2001 demand for Egyptian cotton has decreased 95% by big corporations that opted to utilize cheaper options. Because of the decline, millions of weavers, craftspeople, and farmers are struggling to make ends meet. 

By working with cotton farmers directly in Egypt, Kotn helps rebuild the industry and increase economic prosperity for cotton farming families; Kotn makes their own fabrics from raw cotton purchased directly from farmers at guaranteed prices. The cotton is then sent to the Kotn cut-and-sew factory outside Alexandria, which employs locals in order to secure their craft and their livelihood. Kotn is able to ensure a fair wage for their employees, and a good price for shoppers by cutting out the middleman. 

Kotn has also partnered with pro-literacy organizations in the Nile Delta to help stop the cycle of child labour. In 2017, Kotn completed the funding and construction of their first school, and are currently in the works for creating a second one. Kotn is aiming to improve the literacy rates for boys and girls in Egypt to increase their quality of life for the next generation.