TenTree : Brand that Gives Back to the Environment

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Giving Back to Earth


At TenTree, sustainability and progressiveness are the core keys to their clothing brand's success. The goal for TenTree is to become the most environmentally progressive brand on Earth; They are looking to use their brand as a change to the harmful effects of the apparel industry, and TenTree is succeeding by inspiring the next generation to believe they, too, can help change the world we all inhabit. TenTree's commitment to sustainability extends to the materials used to create their fashion; from coconut and organic cotton, to recycled polyester and hemp, TenTree puts the environment first. One special ingredient they use for their materials is TENCEL lyocel, which comes from eucalyptus trees, which are fast growing, require no pesticides or insecticides, and need 1/5th of the land to make the same amount of fabric as cotton. The yarn manufacturing process is fueled by 100% renewable energy and uses 80% less water than conventional fibers.

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